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Rebelcell 12V 07 AV li-ion battery 87 Wh

Articul: 12007AVREUA
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Powerful and lightweight 12V07 AV Lithium Battery. This battery operates at 12 volts, weighs only 0.65kg and has a capacity of 7 Ah (ampere-hours).

This battery is used for the smaller (4-5 inch) depth gauges, fishfinders and baitboats and is ideal for carp, bellyboat and kayak fishing. Looking for the right battery for your fishfinder or depth gauge? We are happy to help you in our knowledge base!

The battery is completely maintenance-free and has as many as 1000 charge-cycles. That means 1,000 charges and discharges. It is significantly lighter than a comparable lead battery and has a much lower annual loss. Thanks to the built-in Battery Management System, you never have to worry about discharging the battery too deeply and damaging it.

Dimensions (in mm)

151 x 65 x 95