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Rebelcell 12V 190 AV li-ion battery 2,3 kWh

Articul: 12190AVREUA
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  • Description

Compact and lightweight 12V190 AV Lithium Battery that runs on 12V and has an output of 190Ah (2.3kWh). This battery is the most powerful and largest battery in the 12V line, but weighs only 12.5Kg! This battery can be used for:

  • Recreation: as a service battery for sailing yachts, motorboats or campers
  • Angling: for multi-day use of the largest depth gauges and fishfinders (12 inch+), and as a big power supply at the water’s edge
  • Electric boating: as power supply and drive for multi-day use of 12V electric motors

Because the voltage has been adjusted, this battery can be used without any problems in combination with trolling motors or electric motors operating at 12V. The long running time of this battery is an important reason for people to choose the 12V190 AV battery. On our knowledge base, we list the usage time of this battery in combination with different motors. We have also listed the use of this battery in combination with on-board fishing equipment.

The battery is completely maintenance-free and has as many as 1000 charge-cycles. That means 1,000 charges and discharges. It is significantly lighter than a comparable lead battery and has a much lower annual loss. Thanks to the built-in Battery Management System, you never have to worry about discharging the battery too deeply and damaging it.

Dimension (in mm)

260 x 167 x 210