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Rebelcell 24V 50 AV li-ion battery 1,25 kWh

Articul: 24050REUA1A
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  • Description

Very compact and lightweight 24V50 Lithium Battery with digital battery status indicator. This battery runs on 24 volts and has and output of 50 Ah (1.25kWh). It weighs only 8.6Kg and has a long service life.

  • Thanks to the Battery Management System, you can never discharge too deeply
  • No less than 1000 cycles
  • Charged within 3 hours with the 20A charger

The 24V50 battery is used to power 24V electric motors such as powerful trolling motors or electric outboard motors. In addition, it is also widely used by anglers who use this battery as a power source for their front troller running on 24 volts. In our knowledge base, we provide extensive information on run times with this battery in combination with various outboard engines, trolling motors and front trollers.

The battery is completely maintenance-free and has as many as 1000 charge-cycles. That means 1,000 charges and discharges. It is significantly lighter than a comparable lead battery and has a much lower annual loss. Thanks to the built-in Battery Management System, you never have to worry about discharging the battery too deeply and damaging it.

Dimensions (in mm)

260 x 167 x 210