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Rebelcell Charger 12.6 V 35A li-ion

Articul: LC12V35REAV
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The 12.6V35A Lithium charger has been specially engineered to charge 12V AV Rebelcell Lithium batteries. The specially designed charging programme ensures that your battery is charged quickly, safely and automatically with the correct charging profile (voltage / charging current). For example, a 12V190 AV Lithium battery can be charged within 8 hours.

You can easily monitor the status of the charging process via the LED indicator on the charger. The charger is equipped with a number of protection features such as short-circuit, reverse-polarity and overvoltage protection.

This charger is only designed for charging a Rebelcell 12V AV battery. If you charge other batteries than specified, (irreparable) damage may occur. The charger is designed for indoor use only and is not waterproof. If you need a charger for permanent fixing in your boat, check our waterproof charger here.  You can find more information on our chargers in our knowledge base.

Charging times
12V100 AV: 3-4 h
12V140 AV: 5-6 hrs
12V190 AV: 7-8 hrs