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This is an advanced MinnKota electric motor that also performs anchor functions. This option is provided by the I-Pilot system and the engine can hold the boat in the chosen location. This engine is also able to move along a certain line at a selected speed, is able to remember the departed routes and ride them again, but in order to do this you need an additional remote control or Bluetooth connection with a smart device. The standard feature of this engine is the ability to anchor at the specified location.

The engine is equipped with the iPilot feature, which makes its control particularly easy and simple:

set the route and the engine will go along it while you are fishing
mark the place where you want to stand and the engine will not deviate from it, so you no longer need the anchor
Use the autopilot when you want to fish but move forward at the same time
Minn Kota Power Drive BT 45 IP Micro 54 "
Minn Kota Power Drive BT IP Micro is an electric motor for mounting at the front.
The i-Pilot BT Micro Remote is a compact control and this compact size makes it easy to use.
- The newly created i-Pilot system, with a completely new and more accurate Spot-Lock version of the electronic anchor.
- Compact remote control and a very convenient choice.
- Smartphone compatibility thanks to Bluetooth, which allows you to maneuver and operate the engine from your Android / IOS device.
The battery indicator is attached to the engine mount. PoweDrive BT is a digital maximizer that provides longer service life.

Control - in Pilot BT / smartphone using APP
Saltwater Resistant - No
Built-in sonar sensor - No
Recommended fuse - 60A (MKR-19 switches)
Compatible Quick Attachments - MKA-21 (Black) RTA 17 (White)
Handy Accessories - Headingsensor, i-Pilot, BT Remote

Traction force 45lb / 20kg
Maximum power 45A / 12V
Rod length 54 inches / 137cm
Maximum length of the boat is 18ft / 5.5m