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Anchor winches SH 35S, for salt water

Articul: KOT-SH35S
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  • Description

The anchor winch SH 35S is designed for installation on boats and boats up to 7 meters long. An anchor rope 40 meters long with a thickness of 4 mm and a winch wound around the spool is supplied with the winch. The breaking load of the anchor rope is 360 kg. The winch cover is made of a durable ABC plastic which is not afraid of the effects of ultraviolet rays, as well as sudden temperature changes. The complete set includes a roulette, fasteners, power cable. The mechanism of the anchor winch is made of stainless steel. The winch has a quiet working mechanism. In this model, in contrast to the SH 35 PRO model, there is no “smooth entry function of the anchor in the water”. When the anchor reset button is pressed, the anchor leaves the roll and in free fall rushes into the water. Thanks to the “free anchor reset” function, within a few seconds it reaches the bottom. The entire mechanism of the anchor winch is implemented mechanically, which significantly increases the reliability of the mechanism and, in general, the winch itself. The SH 35 anchor winch has a 120-watt motor. ave the function of free anchoring.

Technical Details and Complete Set of Steel Hands 35 Anchor Winch

1. Body hoist
The winch body, as well as all fastening brackets, are made of strong stainless steel.
2. winch mechanism (for lifting and resetting the armature)
winch mechanism consists of: the engine with a closed gear mechanisms and mechanical drive for moving the coil along the shaft. All the mechanical parts involved in the work of the winch lubricated with special waterproof grease.
3. Electrical
The electrical part of the winch motor is used with an operating voltage of 12 V. On the cover is not installed latching three positional, waterproof button. The set comes winch wire to connect to the battery length of 5 meters and thermal safety switch.
4. Cover winches
winch cover is made of durable UV-resistant plastic ABC. On the cover is a winch winch control button.
5. Roller
The winch rods are made of solid stainless steel 3 mm thick. The rollers are equipped with a rolling roller made of durable plastic.
6. Anchor rope
The winch is equipped with a nylon rope length of 40 m, with a tensile strength of 360 kg.

For correct and durable work of the winch, we recommend using STRONGER anchors!

Anchor winch includes a roller and the winch itself. Using the anchor winch is prohibited without regular roller!


Maximum anchor weight - 15 kg

Boat length, up to - 7 m

Anchor rope - ∅ 4 mm, length 40 m

Guide roller - yes

Control knob - yes

Control knob intention - hoisting/descent

A rod for safe anchor transportation - yes

The function of a smooth entry of the anchor into the water - no

Free fall anchor - yes

Anchor hoisting speed - 30 m/min

Weight - 9 kg

Package dimensions (LxWxH) - 377×307×177 mm

Winch dimensions (LxWxH) - 280,5х280,5х151 mm

Guide roller dimensions (LxWxH) - 260х82х129 mm

Max. Working load - 90 kg